Privacy Statement

The Walhampton digital archive is a collection of photographs and printed material relating to Walhampton, Hordle Walhampton and Hordle House schools and the Walhampton estate.

What has been held for many years in our physical archive, or directly provided by alumni, is being scanned in and displayed digitally in the interests of our alumni community so that they may browse through images and information relating to their former school.

We believe it is in the legitimate interest of our alumni community and friends to have access to these images and information, some of which would be considered personal data. The personal data accessible on this website includes: name, schools attended, images and information derived from printed school literature which covers all areas of school life such as sports teams, expeditions, achievements and so on.

The areas of the archive that we deem to be more personal have been password protected so that only registered alumni and approved users may view the content. These areas, in the Browse section, are Ephemera, Magazines & Newsletters and Photographs. Available for the general public to view are Films, Timeline and War Memorial as these tend to be less personal, already available online or relate to historic events and people who have passed away.

If you have any concerns, or wish for a personal reference to be removed, please contact our Archive team at and they will review your enquiry.